Bitcoin miners strive for carbon neutrality near data centers

New regulations mean that companies which engage in Bitcoin mining must prove carbon neutrality.In the world of Bitcoin mining, the Proof of Work model has created new dissatisfaction as leaders and investors pay greater attention to environmental, social, and legal factors. Many cryptocurrency miners are focusing on environmentally friendly practices by acquiring carbon credits, though […]

South Korea’s New President Delays the Introduction of Cryptocurrency Tax Legislation

Newly elected South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol has said that a cryptocurrency tax will not be introduced until consumer protection is legislated.  The taxation of cryptocurrency profits was originally scheduled to come into force in the 2022. This initial plan is being delayed until a new package of regulations, called the Digital Asset Base Act […]

A call to ban cryptocurrency mining in Sweden

The Swedish want to ban the mining of cryptocurrency in the European Union. Other countries are also in support. The discussion about the ban on mining in the EU started in November, when two Swedish regulators published an open letter, in which they petitioned for mining to stop due to fears over high energy usage. […]

Venezuela and India tax cryptocurrency, Indians have a digital rupee

The governments of Venezuela and India have approved new tax laws aimed at cryptocurrency. The tax rates are up to 20 and up to 30 percent respectively. Venezuela’s goal is to collect 2 to 20% from each transaction involving any currency other than the national currencies. These are the bolivar and the Venezuelan government’s own […]

Nuclear energy as a path to sustainable mining

The Bitcoin Mining Council announced that the usage of sustainable energy in the global bitcoin mining industry has gone up one percent to 58.5% in the last quarter of 2021. The percentage of members using an electricity/sustainable energy mix is 66.1%. The survey focused on three metrics: sustainable energy mix, technological efficiency, and electricity usage. […]

Kosovo has banned mining due to the energy crisis

The government of Kosovo has banned cryptocurrency mining. The reason is a state of emergency put into effect due to the energy crisis.  Kosovo is one of the poorest European countries. More than 40% of Kosovo’s energy is imported and it is experiencing one of the worst energy crises in its history. Since the end […]

China tests a digital yuan wallet

A digital yuan wallet is being tested in China.  Not as cryptocurrency, but as a digital state-controlled currency.  The application will replace only coins and banknotes, while payment cards will be retained. The People’s Bank of China is behind the pilot version of the application. It has been working on a digital yuan for several years […]

Regulation in India

Reportedly, cryptocurrency investors in India will be given a date by which they must register their cryptocurrency exchange assets. This is not a ban on cryptocurrency, as was earlier believed, but a strict regulation on its use. These crypto exchanges, however, must come under the oversight of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). […]

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