Russian citizen burns her passport and sells it as NFT, using the proceeds to help Ukraine

Olive Allen, a Russian citizen and artist who’s been living in the USA for over 11 years set ablaze the passport from her mother country in the hope of raising awareness and money in support of the military conflict being played out in Ukraine.

Standing in front of the Russian Federation’s consulate building in New York, Olive Allen made a video of herself burning her passport. She plans to auction this video as a non-fungible token (NFT), with the proceeds going to humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

“I don’t consider Putin’s Russia my home,” said Olive. “Our country has such huge potential, but the government is leading people to ruin.”

The auction of her NFT of a burning passport started on 2.3.2022 on the digital art market SuperRare. ETH (ethereum) from the auction will go directly to Save the Children – an NGO which helps improve children’s lives all over the world. Currently the organization is accepting crypto donations in BTC (bitcoin) and ETH through the non-profit platform Giving Block. Today, there are approximately 7.5 million children caught in the crossfire in Ukraine. 

Olive says that because of this act she will never be able to return to Russia under the present regime. She would be arrested immediately. People in Russia are being arrested for much less. 

Cryptocurrencies have become a major focus of discussions about sending funds to Ukraine, as well as possible Russian circumvention of US and EU sanctions. The accounts of Ukraine’s Minister of Digital Transformation have published addresses where crypto-donations in BTC, ETH, Teter (USDT), Polkadot (DOT) and Dogecoin (DOGE) can all be sent. 

 FutureMining team

 FutureMining team



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