Nuclear energy as a path to sustainable mining

The Bitcoin Mining Council announced that the usage of sustainable energy in the global bitcoin mining industry has gone up one percent to 58.5% in the last quarter of 2021. The percentage of members using an electricity/sustainable energy mix is 66.1%.

The survey focused on three metrics: sustainable energy mix, technological efficiency, and electricity usage.

Technological efficiency has gone up

The voluntary survey gathered information about sustainable energy from miners who make up more than 46% of the global bitcoin network. The data was used for an estimation of sustainable energy mixes of the global bitcoin mining industry. During the fourth quarter of 2021, that was around 58.5%, which is up one percentage point increase from the data from the third quarter. The estimated technological efficiency of the industry has also grown about 9% to 19.3 petahash per MW.

The Bitcoin Mining Council was created in May 2021 and is a global, voluntary forum of companies dealing in bitcoin mining. Companies like Bit Digital, BitFury, Bitfarms, Atlas Mining, and other industrial organizations are members.

Miners are thinking of the planet and about green energy

Even miners are adapting to the needs of our planet and are gradually switching to green energy so that mining is sustainable and functional at the same time.One of the options that is worth exploring is nuclear energy. At the virtual summit Bitcoin & Beyond last year, vice president of Griid Harry Sudock said that nuclear energy is an opportunity to implement an enormous amount of clean energy without carbon.

 FutureMining team

 FutureMining team



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