The value of the cryptocurrency market has climbed above the 3 billion USD mark for the first time

According to current data, the market for cryptocurrencies has risen to a new historic high. 

The website CoinGecko reports that the current value of the market is in excess of 3 billion dollars, which converts to over 65 billion CZK. To put it in context, the Czech Republic’s budget this year is 1,808 billion crowns.

 The impetus for passing this milestone comes from Monday’s growth in prices of (not only) the most valuable cryptos.

Ethereum, the second biggest crypto – right behind Bitcoinu – also achieved a new ATH. One coin is currently being traded at around 4,790 dollars. 

Bitcoin, too, has now shattered its previous ATH, which was 66,900 dollars.

Closing out with a few more news items:

– The Solana token (SOL) has seen its value rise by 12,000%. As a result, it’s become the fourth largest cryptocurrency. 

– The cryptocurrency SQUID, inspired by the hit Netflix series Squid Games, lost almost its entire value after being revealed to be a scam.

– incoming New York Mayor Eric Adams has announced that he wants his first three paychecks in Bitcoin. He also stated that he’ll make New York the centre of the cryptocurrency industry.

 FutureMining team

 FutureMining team



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